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20110401-IMG_5449-1242729478-OYears ago, I curled up in my jammies listening, fascinated, to my dad read Bible stories to me as a kid.

In Bible college, I soaked up every Bible study class I could get a seat in, thirsty to learn more about the Bible.

Today, as I speak to my children, teach kids at church, and write on this blog, I pray that the truth of the Bible is central in my words.

All because I hunger to know the God who wrote it. And share that hunger with others.

You may be a teen in high school, or a bachelor working at a coffee shop, or a mom with three toddlers, or a retired grandpa, but God’s Word is for you. For your everyday life. To open the door to a relationship with a God who will walk with you every step of your life if you choose.

We can talk about big religious words all day long but they don’t mean a thing if our everyday moments aren’t changed through knowing God. We can go to church like clockwork every weekend but if we don’t spend time with God throughout every day of the week, we will never go deeper.

This blog is nothing if not practical. Here we dig in. Here we get real.
Like, where is God when life is plain overwhelming?
How do I obey the hard commands, like “Be thankful even when you’re tired“?
And what do I do with the pain from my past that haunts my everyday?
Here we discover what God is speaking to us, if we’ll listen. And here we’ll seek, and prayerfully find, the heart of God in his Word.

Thanks for reading! So glad to know we are on this journey together!

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