Personal Growth Podcast Review {Tool 19}

Earlier I focused on some motherhood podcasts that have been helpful to me. However, there are as many genres of podcast as there are ideas in the world, I think. The following are some personal growth podcasts I’ve found to be especially meaningful.

Day 19Lead Stories Podcast
So often we tend to think, “I’m not a leader,” just because we may not have a particular title. However, every person has influence, and the women who create this podcast, Lead Stories, define a leader as anyone who is intentional with their influence. Steph O’Brien is the pastor at Mill City Church in Minneapolis and Jo Saxton is a writer, speaker and influencer from Minneapolis as well. They speak as Christian leaders but they speak to leaders in any realm – work, school, family, church, etc. It’s a podcast done by women but definitely contains content just as relevant for men and the podcasters speak in a very gender-neutral way.

Lead Stories Podcast covers a lot of topics, from stigmas in the culture such as mental illness or race, to caring for your emotional health and preventing burnout, to looking at how Jesus and the leaders in the Bible addressed the issues of their day. They sometimes have very intentionally chosen guests on podcast episodes they call “Lead Voices,” that include a wide range of influence all over the nation. My scope has been broadened so much by listening to this podcast. I’ve especially learned a lot about racial justice and the challenges and rewards of reaching across racial lines within the church.

Day 26Revelation Wellness
The woman who records this podcast, Alisa Keeton, was a reluctant fitness ministry leader. She was afraid of being that cheesy Christian exercise lady. However, God called her to fitness ministry and made her a prophet. This woman speaks out the boldest truth about our physical bodies that I have heard from anyone in my life. Her goal is to preach Jesus and the freedom that he brings. She covers all the relevant health topics but does it with such grace and freeing truth. I rarely have to stop and take notes while listening to podcasts but find myself frequently doing so with her, and then journaling through the notes. I’ve learned so much about approaching my physical health with kindness and grace through this podcast.

Revelation Wellness has an extensive ministry (check out their website for their offerings!). This podcast has three main types of episodes. First, Alisa teaches or interviews guests, like a typical podcast. Second, they provide podcasts called RevWell that are for you to use while working out. They include music, Scripture and coaching to help you focus on God while moving your body. Very unique! Thirdly, they have Be Still and Be… episodes that are about 15 minutes long and are essentially a truth meditation podcast where Alisa leads you through breathing, resting in God, and speaking truth over yourself as you take a break from daily life.

If you’re needing more freedom in how you approach your physical self and well-being, or needing a breakthrough in how you view your body or exercise or eating, check out this podcast.

Day 26Grit n Grace Podcast
This final podcast, Grit n Grace, is one recorded by two authors, Cheri Gregory and Amy Carroll, who recognize themselves as recovering perfectionists, highly sensitive women who are “breaking bad rules” about people pleasing. They interview guests on different topics through the lens of perfectionism and legalism and then in the next episode they break down what they learned and how they are applying it.

The ladies are funny, they record concise shows and they honestly address the issues of people pleasing many of us struggle with. I highly recommend Cheri’s blog, Sensitive and Strong, as well. She writes about being a highly sensitive woman who follows Christ. God used her writing to break through some key lies I’d been believing. I enjoy listening to this podcast because it reminds me of the truths I constantly need to be remembering about myself.

If you haven’t started listening to podcasts yet, I strongly recommend it. You can listen from your smart phone or computer and most of these I’ve recommended will have links on their websites for you to find your preferred method. Good podcasts are a way to get truth into your heart and mind while doing the daily tasks of life like car pooling, folding laundry, commuting, showering, or exercising. Get those earbuds out today!

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