A Space to Share Your Story {Tool 27}

God is in the business of healing lives. God cares about our broken state. He redeems and restores. When Jesus walked on earth, he healed so many from their sicknesses and their demons. He had these simple words for those he healed: “Go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you.” It’s become the theme of my own life: this is how God heals me from my brokenness.

None of us are alone in this. We are not all broken in the same way, but none of us is whole without Jesus. And in him, we are made complete. God looks at us and sees us as flawless because of Jesus. What an incredible story we have!

I really believe that this is God’s great commission to us: to tell others our story of how Jesus has saved us. When I tell my story, some will resonate with it and others will not. That’s why it’s imperative that you tell your story as well. That person I could not reach will be drawn to God’s heart from hearing your journey.

We are each unique. Hand-crafted by God. We each have our part in his great story. I will share my story in a way that reflects my design. If I were to copy anyone else’s voice, I’d be robbing the world of my own.

IMG_9466.JPGSo I journal through the depths of my heart and sometimes I share those words for the world to see. I blog. I post online, publicly, for anyone to read. I share a good deal of my life vulnerably with others. But that is not for everyone.

So where is your space? How are you sharing your story of the great things Jesus has done for you? Maybe it is online as well, but in a private space, where only a handful of people read it. There is no shame in sharing with small numbers. Maybe you don’t use technology to share, but rather your kitchen table, or the lunch room at work. Maybe it’s in a letter or email. Perhaps it’s in the way you parent your children, telling the hard parts of your story that have led you to Jesus.

We are all tempted to feel inferior. Like our story doesn’t matter. Maybe we feel too broken. Not perfect enough yet. Our voice feels inadequate. We fear rejection or being laughed at. Maybe we simply feel we don’t have the words to tell our story.

But Jesus is calling us to speak up. To share with one or ten or a hundred people, online, in person, on the phone, with our words, everything God has done for us.

Find your space. Share your story. Even if the world does not admit it, it is longing to hear the good things God has done for you. Your healing matters. God will use it to show us all more of his love.


I have decided I’m going to close this series a few days early. Thank you so much for joining me in it. My heart is full of things I want to share on the blog so I plan to continue to write this winter. Your support means so much to me. More than anything, I know this is the space God has called me to share my own story with whoever wants to read about God’s kind and generous work. Praise him for his goodness and his wonderful works for all of us!Day 27

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