Just two things for today

Sometimes it’s just one phrase God gives you that you take with both hands and repeat. One truth or two that gets you through the next meeting, the next conflict, the next effort to get out of bed.

Life is this crazy kaleidoscope of the good, the hard, the beautiful, the brokenness. One day you’re texting your sister that things are great, you’ve got a date night coming up and the kids actually slept half an hour later, and the next day you’re crying, texting your mom to pray because your back pain has flared up again and you can’t get out of bed. Maybe one day you’re afraid you’re on the brink of losing your job because of layoffs but the next your friend calls you with an opening in their business they would like to offer you, doing what you love.

If life is anything, it’s unpredictable. So when I sat on my porch yesterday to talk to Jesus watching the rain with my never-stop-wiggling 10-month-old, this verse caught me:
God has declared one principle;
two principles I have heard:
God is strong,
and you, O Lorddemonstrate loyal love. (Psalm 62:11-12)

Two things, you guys. God is strong and God is always showing loyal love. Two things, and they are all about God. Not me. Not my family. Not the church.

In all honesty, things have been hard in our home lately. Starting a new work position comes with all kinds of challenges that are not a surprise, and definitely not unique to my situation. And it’s fall, the beginning of a new semester, with schedule changes and commitments stacking up. And then in the middle of a simple exercise, I strained a muscle in my lower back. It’s taken upwards of 4 hours every morning this week to feel strong enough to walk around inside my house.

god-is-strongWeakness. Vulnerability. Frustration. Bigness. Those are the first words to pop into my head describing our past few weeks. So I cling to God’s truth. He is strong. And he shows off his loyal love. I can be weak. That doesn’t matter, because he is strong. I am learning how to serve in a new capacity. While that goes on, his love covers my mistakes, my struggles, and even my sin.

So back to him I come with my prayers, my thanks, and my needs. He’s there waiting. 

2 thoughts on “Just two things for today

  1. Danny R

    Here’s a phrase that caught me this week: “For he who promised is faithful”. I’m thankful He can keep his promises! Humans say, “I promise”, but many times don’t or can’t follow through.


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