Motherhood Podcasts Review {Tool 10}

Podcasts. The not new, new thing. They’ve been on the scene for around 15 years but the general public are just now really getting into them, and new podcasts pop up left and right. I have a dozen I listen to, and a dozen more I’m interested in. Days are long and full of time I could be mindlessly rambling in my head or focused and entertained. Especially as a stay at home mom, I enjoy hearing other adults talk while I’m folding laundry or doing dishes, or making the minivan runs. Even my kids quiet down and listen when I put one on in the car.

In honor of motherhood, I’m reviewing some of my favorite Mom podcasts today. I’ll share other genres later in the month.

1. The God-Centered Mom podcast with Heather MacFayden was the first podcast I started listening to and 177 episodes later, I still check in every week. Heather keeps her focus on Jesus and always keeps her guests talking about real life. “How does the mom struggling with x, y, or z apply this in her life? What would you say to the mom who is feeling like this right now?” I always step away remembering that God sees me and that he gives me everything I need to be the mother he’s called me to be. Heather stays on track and loves to laugh at herself, which both win me over, for sure.

Day 10

She shares her story, along with her husband, in episode 145. Some of my favorites are the ones she does with parenting experts Sissy Goff (Raising Girls, episode 141), Jim and Lynne Jackson (Connecting with Your Kids in Any Circumstance, episode 98), and Emerson Eggerichs (The Respect Effect, episode 122). Go scroll through her feed to find one that seems pertinent to your situation and listen in to be encouraged and challenged.

2. Inspired to Action with Kat Lee is one I love to put on when I’m running errands. Kat interviews lots of great guests and always weaves her own testimony in so well with what the guests share. I love how Kat keeps everything succinct and to the point and gets to the heart of the matter. Kat reminds moms what a big deal we are that God is going to give us the strength we need to face the day.

Day 10

3. My newest favorite mom podcast is called The Real Life Mom Show Podcast with Jordan Watts and Jennifer Johnson. Jordan is a mom in the thick of it with three elementary aged children, and Jennifer is a seasoned mom, who speaks at retreats and counsels parents and couples. I love this show because, while they do host guests at times, often they do more teaching. They talk with each other about various topics, like loneliness in motherhood, or faith versus fear. They both have so much wisdom and teach God’s Word so well. I’m encouraged and blessed as I listen. And they make me laugh. Jordan has a a whole closet full of hilarious parenting stories and does a great job telling them.

Day 10

Motherhood is challenging, and it’s hard to find space to be filled up spiritually and emotionally in the long days. Podcasts have been one way I’ve found to refresh myself when I’m running on empty. It takes a little time and creativity to figure out how to fit them into your day, but it’s so worth it once you can.

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