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31 Days October, 2017

31 Tools toI said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness,
    and you will harvest a crop of love.
Plow up the hard ground of your hearts,
    for now is the time to seek the Lord,
that he may come
    and shower righteousness upon you.’
Hosea 10:12

Plant. Plow. Seek.

I committed at the beginning of 2017 to spend this year cultivating a life of intention. Our family has struggled in survival mode for 5 years and we needed a change. I realized that change wouldn’t come overnight, though. And it wouldn’t come without help.

Here we are, 9 months into the year and so much has changed. We are still healing and growing in deep ways, but we have purpose now. We’re able to move out of the difficult spots more quickly and keep heading in the right direction.

We wouldn’t be here without a plethora of tools and resources guiding us. I am not paid to do this on this blog, but I want to share these resources with others, just because they are that valuable. We live in an amazing age with so much at our fingertips. I find personal recommendations helpful. I hope you might as well.

I believe every person can make little by little progress to grow an intentional life. It starts today. Not in January. Not when life gets easier. Today.

Plant the good seeds. Plow up the weeds and rocks that crowd out the crop. And seek – watch – for what God is growing in your life.


31 Days October, 2015

31 thirty-one days reflections on god elizabeth cravillion Welcome to my mini-series of reflections on God. That’s kind of hilarious to write because I could spend the rest of eternity reflecting on God and his character and never scratch the surface. So how can one month’s worth of writing do the slightest good?

Well for starters, writing these devotional posts has blessed me richly. Spending any amount of time thinking about God changes us. He changes us. No matter if we can’t scratch the surface. What we do find, as simple or profound as it may seem, has the potential to satisfy our hungry hearts and draw us closer to our Creator.

I’m linking up with a community of writers this October to post an entry every day of the month. Come join me as I reflect on God’s character in search of who he is and how he loves us and wants to change us and guide us.

I hope someday to publish a devotional along these lines – who God is and how he acts and how we can respond to him. Thanks for reading my initial keystrokes on the subject. I pray it blesses you as you go through your October.

  1. God is Incomparable
  2. God is Kind
  3. God who Holds my Hand
  4. God of All Comfort
  5. God is Gentle
  6. God is our Creator
  7. God is our Leader
  8. God is the First and the Last
  9. God Deserves all the Glory
  10. God Rejoices Over Us
  11. God is Our Reward
  12. God is Faithful
  13. God is a Fighter
  14. God is Perfect
  15. God is our King
  16. God is our Refuge
  17. God is the Lifter of our Head
  18. God is Good
  19. God is our Sustainer
  20. God is Overcomer
  21. God is Generous
  22. God is Merciful
  23. God is Well-proven
  24. God of Peace
  25. God is Holy
  26. God is our Hope
  27. God is Forgiving
  28. God is Compassionate
  29. God is Eternal
  30. God is a Good Listener
  31. God is Gracious



31 Days October, 2014

I’ve been a recreational blogger for 7 years now, blogging first at Stories of our Lives and then Strength in Weakness. Recently God opened the door for me to begin blogging more consistently and pursue my heart for writing. I’m so excited to launch this new website and I may be a little crazy, but I’m starting off with a bang!

I discovered recently that The Nester hosts a 31-Day challenge each October for bloggers – to blog every day of October on the same topic for the month. In pursuit of becoming more consistent and purposeful in my blogging, here goes.

This October I’m going to be developing my story-telling through my memories of of how God’s word has impacted my life in very practical ways. Looking forward to sharing my story with you. Thank you for reading!

31 Stories in 31 Days
1. Intro to October
2. The Magic of Stories
3. God’s Word at Work
4. Stories that Changed Me5. Working Long Summer Days Away
6. God’s Living Word
7. Books…They’re Good for the Soul
8. Writing from the Heart
9. Moments of Surrender
10. Strength in God’s Comfort

11. The Roots of Untruth
12. Gods of Idolatry13. A Turning Point
14. Living Faith in the Face of Death
15. Summer Camp Stories
16. Beauty of Being Home
17. Hunting for Approval
18. Softening Hardened Hearts
19. Tales from Homeschool Days
20. Following a New Adventure
21. The Cut Makes me Whole
22. Truth in the Dark
23. A Heart for the World
24. Real Love = Sacrifice
25. Colorado Adventures
26. Waiting and Praying
27. How Nate Proposed
28. Two Babies, Two Stories
29. My Thankfulness Journey
30. A Lamp to my Children’s Feet
31. God’s Story in My Life




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